The Ghosts of Fusion's Past
Meet some of the fantastic designers that helped pioneer Fusion's inception and success!
Creative Director
Justine Gaetano
Justine Gaetano is a Graphic Design major, but her passion for design keeps her eyes open to beauty everywhere. She’s inspired by Beatles music on long car rides, daybreak runs, and inside jokes. She hopes to one day begin her career in New York.
Senior Designer
Natalie Wasserman
Natalie is a Graphic Design major with a Business minor. Hailing from Villanova, PA, she knows the value of a good hoagie. Natalie seeks out all things visual: whether it be pursuing a new gallery exhibit or searching for street art in places she maybe should not be, Natalie bleeds design.
Senior Designer
Shayna Love
Shayna is a Marketing major with a double minor in Graphic Design and Gender Studies. She is from Hewlett, New York and is inspired by designers with a whimsical, playful style including Timothy Goodman, Milton Glaser and Lauren Hom. When not laughing at her own jokes, Shayna can be found journaling, searching for a cozy coffee shop or binging on all things dessert.
Project Manager
Griffin Schlaikjer
Born and raised in London, UK. Moved across the pond to Lehigh where Griffin majors in Marketing and minors in Graphic Design and Art History. One of his biggest passions is advertising and has been from a young age; combining visual arts with communications fascinates him to no end.
Senior Designer
Hope Markman
Hope is from Abington, PA, right outside of Philly! She is a marketing major and graphic design minor. She often finds her inspiration in the world and media around herself.
Junior Designer
Walter Robinson
Walter is a Mechanical Engineering and Product Design major from Buffalo, NY. His hobbies range from novel writing to painting to graphic design to car modification. If you see a camouflage convertible driving around, that’s him!
Junior Designer
Bonnie Kwon
Bonnie is a marketing major with a graphic design minor from Chattanooga, TN. She is inspired by her childhood, Kpop, and the unexpected.
Junior Designer
Simone Cotton
Simone is a Design major from Lawrenceville, New Jersey. If you ask anyone, art has always been “her thing”. She is half designer, half illustrator, which adds up to a whole Designy Illustrator.
Project Manager
Nadine Elsayed
Nadine is a Global Studies and Journalism double major who truly believes that design can help better the world. She is passionate about recognizing shared humanity - especially through writing, photography, video, and design.
Project Manager / Senior Designer
Patch Kroll
The offspring of too much caffeine and too much television, Patch is a Design major from Center Valley, Pennsylvania who perfects his design by combining the warmth of sensing something familiar with the excitement of seeing something bold and new.
Junior Designer
Liz Cornell
Liz is an IDEAS Major focusing on Computer Science Engineering and Digital Design. Liz is from Dobbs Ferry, NY.
Junior Designer
Lindsay Dennison
Lindsay is a Design Major with a Theatre Minor from Long Beach, CA. She is inspired by designers Henri Toulouse Lautrec and David Klein.
Studio Manager
Olivia Hodina
Olivia is a Marketing Major with Graphic Design and Supply Chain Management Minors. She is from Tolland, CT and is inspired by designers Kelly Thorn, Emily McCarthy, Barbara Thomas and Jessica Hische.
Project Manager
Sam Brooks
Sam is a Marketing Major with a Graphic Design and Entreprenuership Minors. She is from East Windsor, NJ and is inspired by designers Jessica Hische and Deborah Sussman.
Senior Designer
Monica Shell
Monica is a Graphic Design Major from Nazareth, PA. She is inspired by designers Louise Filli and Andy Goldsworthy.
Senior Designer
Sathya Ram
Sathya Ram is a triple threat. Trained as a designer, photographer, and self-taught in web development, Sathya double majored in Design and Studio Art. Honest, opinionated, and charismatic, he 's all about providing quality work with a critical eye for pixel perfection. He was also the guy that made this website!