Fusion Lettering Video

Sunday, April 10, 2016

At Fusion, we love to highlight our individual designers talents and skills for personal development, not just for our clients. Our senior designer, Grace Johnjulio has a passion for typeface and calligraphy. We had her showcase this talent by creating a typography murial in the Fusion studio space to illustrate our dynamic and creative enviornment. Grace tackled this project by compiling a list of words that describe the essence of Fusion and then hand-lettered them onto a scaled down piece of paper. After, she projected it onto the blackboard, outlined the lettering in pencil, and then used white chalk for the finished product. During the project, which took over a week to complete, we had our photography specialist, Sathya Ram photograph over 15,000 images over the duration of the project. The result is an amazing stop motion of Grace's masterpiece. Did her hand hurt by the end? You better believe it. See the video below!