Our Design Team

This is What Makes Us
We’re a close-knit team dedicated to impeccable quality and happy clients. Besides the important stuff, we’re really a bunch of people sitting at tables, listening to the same music, spending slightly too much time discussing what we had for lunch.
Creative Director
Jackie Thomas
Jackie is a marketing major and graphic design minor from Roseland, New Jersey. In addition to her role in Fusion, she currently works remotely as a Creative Intern for The DSM Group Marketing Agency in Mahwah, New Jersey. She is a proud mother of many houseplants (snake plant, aloe, bamboo, succulents, you name it) and she loves aesthetically arranging all her books almost as much as she enjoys reading them. Most of the time you can find her designing or reading in an eclectic cafe with plenty of coffee!
Studio Manager
Reagan Sullivan
Reagan Sullivan a Marketing Major from Sarasota, Florida and the Studio Manager of Fusion! This role excites her tremendously, as she is passionate about building relationships with teams, helping them reach thier goals, and celebrating a job well done! Hit her up on LinkedIn or look for her next year in New York City where she hopes to start her marketing career and/or be asked to join the cast of SNL.
Interactive Designer
Rachel Case
Rachel is a junior from Ridgewood, NJ studying Mechanical Engineering and Product Design major in the IDEAS program. She chose this combination because engineering lets her come up with creative solutions to design problems. In her free time, she likes skiing, baking, and drinking irresponsibly priced lattes.