Our Design Team

This is What Makes Us
We’re a close-knit team dedicated to impeccable quality and happy clients. Besides the important stuff, we’re really a bunch of people sitting at tables, listening to the same music, spending slightly too much time discussing what we had for lunch.
Studio Manager
Kate Woodward
Kate is a Marketing major with a minor in graphic design and supply chain management. From Chatham, NJ to Lehigh, Kate arrived as the next sibling in line to continue the Hawk legacy. If not petting every dog in sight or preparing for her upcoming marathon, you can catch Kate escaping for a weekend getaway to her happy place, Cape Cod.
Marketing & Social Media
Hayden Hosto
Hayden is a junior from Little Rock, Arkansas studying Marketing and Supply Chain Management with a minor in Business Information Systems. Besides finding new ways to promote Fusion, she enjoys working on her barista skills and learning foreign languages.
Marketing & Social Media
Ashley Blair
Traveling hardly five minutes from her hometown, Ashley, from Bethlehem, PA, is a Marketing major with plans to enter the fashion or advertising industry. When not writing her monthly CollegeFashionista blogs, she can be found exploring her favorite Pinterest boards for lifestyle inspiration or testing the newest DIY projects.
Junior Designer
Ashley Kim
Ashley is a junior in the Computer Science and Business program, minoring in Graphic Design. Growing up in Livingston, NJ, she always knew she had a passion for design. Ashley loves exploring the beauty around her whether it be through nature hikes or walking through museums.
Senior Designer
Emma Wald
Emma is a Computer Science and Engineering major with a flair for designing interesting and aesthetically pleasing mobile applications. On the rare occasion when this coding nerd isn't roaming the halls of Packard Lab, she can be found binge watching Alaskan Bush People on the discovery channel. She is excited to be starting off her "real world" adventures in San Francisco next fall and is looking for some cool west coast activity suggestions from anyone that will help.
Project Manager
Kathleen DeBellis
Kathleen DeBellis is a senior Marketing major from Easton, Connecticut. Her interests have always been involved with people, so she is super excited to have recently received an offer for a sales position in NYC starting this summer.
Junior Designer / Project Manager
Brittany Collins
Brittany is studying Design and Mechanical Engineering as she is passionate about combining her technical problem solving skills with her creative eye. Besides being a designer and engineer she is an avid tea drinker, culinary connoisseur, and nerd at heart.
Junior Designer / Project Manager
Sienna Fusco
…Want to hear a secret? Even though you may have seen Sienna around Lehigh’s campus for the past couple semesters, she is actually a full-time Muhlenberg student. She is so passionate about design that when she found out they didn’t offer it as a major, she decided to design her own Graphic Design major integrating both Lehigh and Muhlenberg’s design curriculum. Shhh…
Junior Designer
Zach Drake
Zach Drake, from Chalfont, Pa, is currently a sophomore in the IDEAS program studying Mechanical Engineering and Product Design. He really enjoys listening to music and building furniture with his Dad.
Junior Designer
Elana Abrams
Elana is an IDEAS major studying Product Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Chinese. When not eating chocolate, you can find her in the woodshop working on her latest project. Working hands-on, start to finish, on a project brings her immense satisfaction. Her ultimate goal is to live abroad and work in Product Design consulting and/or create handmade furniture from reclaimed and sustainable wood.
Senior Designer
Jaclyn Sands
Jaclyn is a double majoring in Art and Graphic Design. You can usually find her drinking coffee and working on her latest creative project. Her design style is clean and minimal, and her main goal in any design is to make information easy to access and understand.
Junior Designer
Reilly O’Brien
Her name doesn’t get much more Irish. Reilly is Design and Earth & Environmental Science major. While she is deathly afraid of sunken ships, on more of a positive note...she can make a mean grilled cheese!
Senior Designer
Phebe de Guzman
Phebe grew up in Lloyd Harbor, NY with two older sisters, a standard poodle named Guenevere, and parents who keep honeybees. She is majoring in graphic design and minoring in creative writing. Her interests include referring to herself in the third person and exploring the intersection between design and the written word, specifically the influence one can have on the other.
Senior Designer
Mandi Zhou
Mandi was born in the northeastern China (just a river across North Korea). She came to the U.S at the age of 14 by herself and always knew that she wanted to do something related to art. Now she's studying Graphic Design and Marketing, ready to start a career in what she always dreamed of.
Junior Designer
Domenica Massamby
Domenica is an Architecture major from Mozambique, but she sometimes goes by. And this is just of the few details of her life that illustrates her, not as a third world child, but a third culture kid. She enjoys illustrations, museum trips, documentaries and films based on true events, which may explain why she insists she is a realist.