Our Design Team

This is What Makes Us
We’re a close-knit team dedicated to impeccable quality and happy clients. Besides the important stuff, we’re really a bunch of people sitting at tables, listening to the same music, spending slightly too much time discussing what we had for lunch.
Studio Manager
Hayden Hosto
Hayden is a senior from Little Rock, Arkansas studying Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Although she's not a designer by trade, she loves being involved in the creative process (almost as much as she loves her cat, Noodles) and hopes to continue working in an agency environment upon graduation. When she's not at the studio, you'll probably find her listening to NPR and sipping an Americano.
Creative Director
Maria Vargas Aguilar
Maria is a Marketing major and Graphic Design minor. From Mexico to Tucson, AZ, and now Lehigh, she is always trying to find ways to express herself creatively, whether through design or fashion. On her off time you can probably find her reading articles online or listening to her latest Spotify playlist.
Junior Designer
Nathalie Wing
Nathalie is a double major in Marketing and Graphic Design. She grew up in Tuttlingen, Germany and moved to the U.S. 12 years ago. In her free time she loves to cook, run, hang out with friends, and binge watch her latest obsession on Netflix. She also has a passion for travel with Japan, Thailand, and Australia on the top of her bucket list. More than anything she would love to work abroad some day, specifically the UK where most of her family lives.
Junior Designer
Chloe Hoffnagle
Chloe is an English and Graphic Design double major. She grew up in Manahawkin, NJ and has always had an interest in art and design. She loves her rescue dog and coffee. If she’s not at Lehigh she’s probably at the beach.
Junior Designer
Sara Fuertes
Sara is from Guatemala, majoring in Marketing and pursuing a Graphic Design minor. She enjoys travelling and experiencing different cultures as much as she can, taking her camera with her to capture all the special moments. In her free time Sara is usually watching movies or baking some sweet treats!
Junior Designer
Anna Waterhouse
Anna is a Junior studying Graphic Design and Marketing from New York. Her creativity stems from her appreciation of street art, museums, and music in the city. After she graduates, she hopes to pursue a career at a major design firm in New York City.
Junior Designer
Miranda D'Accordo
Miranda is a senior from Rockville Centre, New York studying Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design. She hopes to pursue a career in public relations, advertising or design. Her interests include photography, belting out show tunes and Cheetos. Lots and lots of Cheetos.
Project Manager
Alex Fitzgerald
Alex is a senior Marketing major with a minor in Philosophy from East-Setauket, NY. A member of the cross country team, he loves to go running on Goodman Campus and on the D&L Trail along the Lehigh River with his teammates. During his free time, he likes to watch competitive cycling races and marathons while drinking espresso. He grew up in his mother's art restoration studio in NYC and loves to help with various projects.
Project Manager & Social Media
Kate Morrell
Kate is a junior Marketing major with an Art History minor from Pelham, NY. She has always loved being creative as a visual learner, and hopes to pursue a career in marketing analytics and communications. During her free time, you can find her exploring a variety of art museums or spending hours in coffee shops, doodling in her notebooks and organizing her planner.
Junior Designer
Tristan Heffler
Tristan Heffler is a senior Accounting major with minors in Graphic Design and Spanish. She integrates her love of hand lettering and modern calligraphy into her design work and is constantly in search of the next best calligraphy pen. If you can't find her buying an iced coffee at Saxby's, she's probably in her favorite cubicle of the library or watching The Office.
Junior Designer
Sydney O'Tapi
Sydney is a senior from Maryland. She’s a Journalism major and Graphic Design minor. She’s inspired by fashion, beauty, travel and everything in internet culture. In fact, it’s her dream to one day reach internet stardom and live a lavish life as an influencer in L.A. When she’s not fervently typing up an article in Saxby’s and chugging a large cold brew, you can find her online shopping and laughing at memes.
Junior Designer
Jackie Thomas
Jackie is a marketing major and graphic design minor. She currently works as a Graphic Design and Marketing Intern for Lehigh Dining Services and is involved in both choir and acapella at Lehigh. Besides her love of art and music, she is obsessed with coffee, lemurs and reading books on the Jersey Shore with her family.
Senior Designer
Garett Stehley
Garett is a design major with a dual concentration in both product and graphic design. Coming from Grand Rapids Michigan, Garett has always had a love for the outdoors and plans to pursue a career in product design.
Project Manager
Alexandra Rankin
Alexandra Rankin is a Finance major with a minor in graphic design. She uses her love of traveling and the uniqueness of each place she has gone as inspiration for her designs. In her free time you can usually find her outside, running, hiking, skiing, or just enjoying a beautiful day.
Senior Designer
PJ Murphy
PJ is a senior Mechanical Engineering and Graphic Design Major. He has always loved both math and physics as well as art and design, and decided why not pursue both! On top of that, he is the captain of the Lehigh Rugby team. He is a fan of the weird and absurd, and credits his own creativity to being a self-proclaimed weirdo.
Senior Designer
Meghan Thompson
Meghan Thompson is a senior from Kinnelon, NJ and is the oldest of five children, who are just as blonde and vibrant as she is. Meghan spends her time at Lehigh as a marketing major and graphic design minor, but you can typically find her at Jacobs Pool. She is captain of the varsity swimming and diving team and is the reigning Patriot League Champion in the 1650 freestyle. Outside of swimming and school, Meghan enjoys painting on wood canvas, playing with her puppy, Buddy, and practicing her cooking skills.
Interactive Designer
Tyler Sudol
Tyler is a Computer Science and Business Major. He is minoring in graphic design and hopes to be able to develop software applications are both well written and well designed. Outside of school, he enjoys hiking, scuba diving, and skiing.
Senior Designer
Jane Henderson
Jane Henderson is a junior Graphic Design major from Narberth, Pennsylvania. Growing up, she was always interested in the little details of art and nature which translates into her designs. She is fueled by the love of her Dalmatian, Gracie and Honey Nut Cheerios.
Interactive Designer
Dani Gyory
Dani is a Computer Engineering major pursuing minors in Entrepreneurship and Graphic Design. She chose these combinations because is intrigued by the relationships between design, technology, and business ventures. In her free time she enjoys beekeeping at Lehigh University and hanging out with friends. Her dream is to find a career path in Italy so she can be closer to her family there.
Social Media & Public Relations
Kendall Coughlin
Kendall is a junior from Moorestown, New Jersey studying Journalism and Marketing. She hopes to pursue a career in public relations, advertising, marketing or journalism. The only thing Kendall loves more than iced coffee and her dogs, is her home away from home at the shore in Ocean City, New Jersey.
Junior Designer
Alex Hannaby
Alex is pursuing a dual degree in Graphic Design and Marketing. If you’ve heard her accent you might realize she’s not from around here. She moved to America from England four years ago and has also lived in Singapore and Japan. All this moving has given her a passion for exploring new countries and experiencing new cultures with her family and friends. She does however also love a cozy night in bed watching a good show Netflix.
Senior Designer
Olivia Reinold
Olivia is a Graphic Design major from the small town of Sutton, Massachusetts. Also a high jumper on Lehigh Women’s Track team, her favorite places to be are on the track and in the studio. Olivia is passionate about combining her love for painting and drawing with graphic design to develop unique and creative solutions.