The Ghosts of Fusion's Past
Meet some of the fantastic designers that helped pioneer Fusion's inception and success!
Studio Manager
Hayden Hosto
Hayden is a senior from Little Rock, Arkansas studying Marketing and Supply Chain Management. Although she's not a designer by trade, she loves being involved in the creative process (almost as much as she loves her cat, Noodles) and hopes to continue working in an agency environment upon graduation. When she's not at the studio, you'll probably find her listening to NPR and sipping an Americano.
Junior Designer
Anna Waterhouse
Anna is a Junior studying Graphic Design and Marketing from New York. Her creativity stems from her appreciation of street art, museums, and music in the city. After she graduates, she hopes to pursue a career at a major design firm in New York City.
Junior Designer
Miranda D'Accordo
Miranda is a senior from Rockville Centre, New York studying Marketing with a minor in Graphic Design. She hopes to pursue a career in public relations, advertising or design. Her interests include photography, belting out show tunes and Cheetos. Lots and lots of Cheetos.
Project Manager
Alex Fitzgerald
Alex is a senior Marketing major with a minor in Philosophy from East-Setauket, NY. A member of the cross country team, he loves to go running on Goodman Campus and on the D&L Trail along the Lehigh River with his teammates. During his free time, he likes to watch competitive cycling races and marathons while drinking espresso. He grew up in his mother's art restoration studio in NYC and loves to help with various projects.
Junior Designer
Tristan Heffler
Tristan Heffler is a senior Accounting major with minors in Graphic Design and Spanish. She integrates her love of hand lettering and modern calligraphy into her design work and is constantly in search of the next best calligraphy pen. If you can't find her buying an iced coffee at Saxby's, she's probably in her favorite cubicle of the library or watching The Office.
Junior Designer
Sydney O'Tapi
Sydney is a senior from Maryland. She’s a Journalism major and Graphic Design minor. She’s inspired by fashion, beauty, travel and everything in internet culture. In fact, it’s her dream to one day reach internet stardom and live a lavish life as an influencer in L.A. When she’s not fervently typing up an article in Saxby’s and chugging a large cold brew, you can find her online shopping and laughing at memes.
Junior Designer
Jackie Thomas
Jackie is a marketing major and graphic design minor. She currently works as a Graphic Design and Marketing Intern for Lehigh Dining Services and is involved in both choir and acapella at Lehigh. Besides her love of art and music, she is obsessed with coffee, lemurs and reading books on the Jersey Shore with her family.
Creative Director
Courtney Mesilas
Courtney is an IDEAS major studying Mechanical Engineering and Product Design. She grew up in Cresskill, NJ and has always been passionate about design. She typically only watches the food network, loves to cook and when she's not bouncing around between school and work, she is channeling her inner yogi. She hopes to someday work in a creative industry and start her own food blog!
Senior Designer
Jaclyn Sands
Jaclyn is a double majoring in Art and Graphic Design. You can usually find her drinking coffee and working on her latest creative project. Her design style is clean and minimal, and her main goal in any design is to make information easy to access and understand.
Senior Designer
Garett Stehley
Garett is a design major with a dual concentration in both product and graphic design. Coming from Grand Rapids Michigan, Garett has always had a love for the outdoors and plans to pursue a career in product design.
Project Manager
Alexandra Rankin
Alexandra Rankin is a Finance major with a minor in graphic design. She uses her love of traveling and the uniqueness of each place she has gone as inspiration for her designs. In her free time you can usually find her outside, running, hiking, skiing, or just enjoying a beautiful day.
Senior Designer
PJ Murphy
PJ is a senior Mechanical Engineering and Graphic Design Major. He has always loved both math and physics as well as art and design, and decided why not pursue both! On top of that, he is the captain of the Lehigh Rugby team. He is a fan of the weird and absurd, and credits his own creativity to being a self-proclaimed weirdo.
Project Manager
Perri Rubenstein
Perri is a Finance major from New York. While in a constant pursuit of that "next big thing", Perri's creative imagination coupled with her analytical skills helps her pursue and realize dreams. Other obsessions include Spongebob, Shark Tank, "Fresh Prints" t-shirts, and finding that perfect cup-of-joe.
Project Manager
Grant Dalton
Grant is a senior Mechanical Engineering major from Seattle, Washington. He is pursuing a minor in entrepreneurship and has been creating logos since he was in 3rd grade when his soccer club had a competition to rebrand itself. He is excited to work with Fusion and take his work to another level.
Senior Designer
Meghan Thompson
Meghan Thompson is a senior from Kinnelon, NJ and is the oldest of five children, who are just as blonde and vibrant as she is. Meghan spends her time at Lehigh as a marketing major and graphic design minor, but you can typically find her at Jacobs Pool. She is captain of the varsity swimming and diving team and is the reigning Patriot League Champion in the 1650 freestyle. Outside of swimming and school, Meghan enjoys painting on wood canvas, playing with her puppy, Buddy, and practicing her cooking skills.
Project Manager
Melanie Grycan
Melanie Grycan is a senior double majoring Marketing and Finance with a Graphic Design Minor. A double legacy from Westfield, NJ, Melanie is an artist who loves international travel. Some of her favorite places include Italy, Amsterdam, and Croatia. She also works in University Business Services as a Marketing and Design intern and is involved in Lehigh’s Dance Marathon.
Senior Designer
Sarah Moran
Sarah is a senior majoring in Graphic Design and double minoring in Mass Communications and Global Studies. She is from the North Shore of Massachusetts and has always been creative with an interest in design.
Interactive Designer
Tyler Sudol
Tyler is a Computer Science and Business Major. He is minoring in graphic design and hopes to be able to develop software applications are both well written and well designed. Outside of school, he enjoys hiking, scuba diving, and skiing.
Interactive Designer
Dani Gyory
Dani is a Computer Engineering major pursuing minors in Entrepreneurship and Graphic Design. She chose these combinations because is intrigued by the relationships between design, technology, and business ventures. In her free time she enjoys beekeeping at Lehigh University and hanging out with friends. Her dream is to find a career path in Italy so she can be closer to her family there.
Social Media & Public Relations
Kendall Coughlin
Kendall is a junior from Moorestown, New Jersey studying Journalism and Marketing. She hopes to pursue a career in public relations, advertising, marketing or journalism. The only thing Kendall loves more than iced coffee and her dogs, is her home away from home at the shore in Ocean City, New Jersey.
Courtney Henig
Courtney Henig is a marketing and management major with a minor in entrepreneurship. She is from Millstone, NJ and is inspired by athletics, innovation, and fashion.
Junior Designer
Alex Hannaby
Alex is pursuing a dual degree in Graphic Design and Marketing. If you’ve heard her accent you might realize she’s not from around here. She moved to America from England four years ago and has also lived in Singapore and Japan. All this moving has given her a passion for exploring new countries and experiencing new cultures with her family and friends. She does however also love a cozy night in bed watching a good show Netflix.
Junior Designer
Taylor Bogaty
Taylor is a junior from Greenwich, Connecticut studying Architecture with with a minor in Graphic Design. Her family opened an Escape Room in her hometown and Taylor helped with many of the design components of the business including developing the logo.
Social Media & Copy
Delaney McCaffrey
Delaney is an IDEAS major studying Communications and Computer Engineering with a minor in Documentary Storymaking. A junior from a small town in central New Jersey, in the future she hopes to combine her interest in technology with her love for storytelling. When not watching movies, you can find Delaney making plans to someday travel the world.
Junior Designer
Isabel De Guzman
Isabel is from Trappe, Pennsylvania is a second year IDEAS major studying Mechanical Engineering, Design, and Sustainable Development. Everyday when she came home from preschool, she would gather some printer paper and cheap watercolors onto the kitchen table to make small paintings for her parents. As she matured, her love for art grew deeper and now she cannot see a future for herself without it.
Creative Director
Justine Gaetano
Justine Gaetano is a Graphic Design major, but her passion for design keeps her eyes open to beauty everywhere. She’s inspired by Beatles music on long car rides, daybreak runs, and inside jokes. She hopes to one day begin her career in New York.
Studio Manager
Kate Woodward
Kate is a Marketing major with a minor in graphic design and supply chain management. From Chatham, NJ to Lehigh, Kate arrived as the next sibling in line to continue the Hawk legacy. If not petting every dog in sight or preparing for her upcoming marathon, you can catch Kate escaping for a weekend getaway to her happy place, Cape Cod.
Marketing & Social Media
Ashley Blair
Traveling hardly five minutes from her hometown, Ashley, from Bethlehem, PA, is a Marketing major with plans to enter the fashion or advertising industry. When not writing her monthly CollegeFashionista blogs, she can be found exploring her favorite Pinterest boards for lifestyle inspiration or testing the newest DIY projects.
Junior Designer
Ashley Kim
Ashley is a junior in the Computer Science and Business program, minoring in Graphic Design. Growing up in Livingston, NJ, she always knew she had a passion for design. Ashley loves exploring the beauty around her whether it be through nature hikes or walking through museums.
Senior Designer
Emma Wald
Emma is a Computer Science and Engineering major with a flair for designing interesting and aesthetically pleasing mobile applications. On the rare occasion when this coding nerd isn't roaming the halls of Packard Lab, she can be found binge watching Alaskan Bush People on the discovery channel. She is excited to be starting off her "real world" adventures in San Francisco next fall and is looking for some cool west coast activity suggestions from anyone that will help.
Project Manager
Kathleen DeBellis
Kathleen DeBellis is a senior Marketing major from Easton, Connecticut. Her interests have always been involved with people, so she is super excited to have recently received an offer for a sales position in NYC starting this summer.
Junior Designer / Project Manager
Brittany Collins
Brittany is studying Design and Mechanical Engineering as she is passionate about combining her technical problem solving skills with her creative eye. Besides being a designer and engineer she is an avid tea drinker, culinary connoisseur, and nerd at heart.
Junior Designer / Project Manager
Sienna Fusco
…Want to hear a secret? Even though you may have seen Sienna around Lehigh’s campus for the past couple semesters, she is actually a full-time Muhlenberg student. She is so passionate about design that when she found out they didn’t offer it as a major, she decided to design her own Graphic Design major integrating both Lehigh and Muhlenberg’s design curriculum. Shhh…
Junior Designer
Zach Drake
Zach Drake, from Chalfont, Pa, is currently a sophomore in the IDEAS program studying Mechanical Engineering and Product Design. He really enjoys listening to music and building furniture with his Dad.
Junior Designer
Elana Abrams
Elana is an IDEAS major studying Product Design, Mechanical Engineering, and Chinese. When not eating chocolate, you can find her in the woodshop working on her latest project. Working hands-on, start to finish, on a project brings her immense satisfaction. Her ultimate goal is to live abroad and work in Product Design consulting and/or create handmade furniture from reclaimed and sustainable wood.
Senior Designer
Natalie Wasserman
Natalie is a Graphic Design major with a Business minor. Hailing from Villanova, PA, she knows the value of a good hoagie. Natalie seeks out all things visual: whether it be pursuing a new gallery exhibit or searching for street art in places she maybe should not be, Natalie bleeds design.
Junior Designer
Reilly O’Brien
Her name doesn’t get much more Irish. Reilly is Design and Earth & Environmental Science major. While she is deathly afraid of sunken ships, on more of a positive note...she can make a mean grilled cheese!
Senior Designer
Shayna Love
Shayna is a Marketing major with a double minor in Graphic Design and Gender Studies. She is from Hewlett, New York and is inspired by designers with a whimsical, playful style including Timothy Goodman, Milton Glaser and Lauren Hom. When not laughing at her own jokes, Shayna can be found journaling, searching for a cozy coffee shop or binging on all things dessert.
Project Manager
Griffin Schlaikjer
Born and raised in London, UK. Moved across the pond to Lehigh where Griffin majors in Marketing and minors in Graphic Design and Art History. One of his biggest passions is advertising and has been from a young age; combining visual arts with communications fascinates him to no end.
Senior Designer
Hope Markman
Hope is from Abington, PA, right outside of Philly! She is a marketing major and graphic design minor. She often finds her inspiration in the world and media around herself.
Junior Designer
Walter Robinson
Walter is a Mechanical Engineering and Product Design major from Buffalo, NY. His hobbies range from novel writing to painting to graphic design to car modification. If you see a camouflage convertible driving around, that’s him!
Junior Designer
Bonnie Kwon
Bonnie is a marketing major with a graphic design minor from Chattanooga, TN. She is inspired by her childhood, Kpop, and the unexpected.
Junior Designer
Simone Cotton
Simone is a Design major from Lawrenceville, New Jersey. If you ask anyone, art has always been “her thing”. She is half designer, half illustrator, which adds up to a whole Designy Illustrator.
Project Manager
Nadine Elsayed
Nadine is a Global Studies and Journalism double major who truly believes that design can help better the world. She is passionate about recognizing shared humanity - especially through writing, photography, video, and design.
Senior Designer
Phebe de Guzman
Phebe grew up in Lloyd Harbor, NY with two older sisters, a standard poodle named Guenevere, and parents who keep honeybees. She is majoring in graphic design and minoring in creative writing. Her interests include referring to herself in the third person and exploring the intersection between design and the written word, specifically the influence one can have on the other.
Senior Designer
Mandi Zhou
Mandi was born in the northeastern China (just a river across North Korea). She came to the U.S at the age of 14 by herself and always knew that she wanted to do something related to art. Now she's studying Graphic Design and Marketing, ready to start a career in what she always dreamed of.
Project Manager / Senior Designer
Patch Kroll
The offspring of too much caffeine and too much television, Patch is a Design major from Center Valley, Pennsylvania who perfects his design by combining the warmth of sensing something familiar with the excitement of seeing something bold and new.
Junior Designer
Domenica Massamby
Domenica is an Architecture major from Mozambique, but she sometimes goes by. And this is just of the few details of her life that illustrates her, not as a third world child, but a third culture kid. She enjoys illustrations, museum trips, documentaries and films based on true events, which may explain why she insists she is a realist.
Junior Designer
Liz Cornell
Liz is an IDEAS Major focusing on Computer Science Engineering and Digital Design. Liz is from Dobbs Ferry, NY.
Junior Designer
Lindsay Dennison
Lindsay is a Design Major with a Theatre Minor from Long Beach, CA. She is inspired by designers Henri Toulouse Lautrec and David Klein.
Studio Manager
Olivia Hodina
Olivia is a Marketing Major with Graphic Design and Supply Chain Management Minors. She is from Tolland, CT and is inspired by designers Kelly Thorn, Emily McCarthy, Barbara Thomas and Jessica Hische.
Project Manager
Sam Brooks
Sam is a Marketing Major with a Graphic Design and Entreprenuership Minors. She is from East Windsor, NJ and is inspired by designers Jessica Hische and Deborah Sussman.
Senior Designer
Monica Shell
Monica is a Graphic Design Major from Nazareth, PA. She is inspired by designers Louise Filli and Andy Goldsworthy.
Senior Designer
Sathya Ram
Sathya Ram is a triple threat. Trained as a designer, photographer, and self-taught in web development, Sathya double majored in Design and Studio Art. Honest, opinionated, and charismatic, he 's all about providing quality work with a critical eye for pixel perfection. He was also the guy that made this website!