Start a Project

Step 1
Complete our inquiry form below. This is where you will describe your proposal. Get wordy - we’re detail-oriented people.
Step 2
Once we have the information about your project, we will schedule a meeting with a Project Manager. This will be the person in charge of your project with who you will directly communicate.
Step 3
The project manager will determine the scope of your project and assign designers. They will also keep track of all work done and establish a timeframe for completion.
For example: "I need a poster to promote an upcoming conference."
For example: "I need to inform invited guests and increase attendance."
Fusion bills at an hourly rate (corrections billed separately). Estimates provided once the scope of project is evaluated.
Clients need to respect the demands of student life. In order for student designers to meet deadlines, materials requested, directions, copy and information must be complete and punctual.
Print, digital files, exhibition, other (Please specify)
For example: photos, copy, text, approvals for image use, etc. In order to meet deadlines, this phase needs to be completed before we can start your project.
After we have reviewed your request, we will contact you to set up a meeting. Following the meeting, the student project manager will write a creative brief for you to reviews. This brief will be a written explanation outlining the goals and objectives of the project. This is a critical part of the design process. It will serve as an essential reference tool throughout the project and helps establish an understanding between client and designer. Thank you for your interest in Fusion.