Project Highlight: Environmental Science Display Cases

Thursday, November 17, 2016

This week Fusion is highlighting the remarkable work of one of our senior members, Natalie Wasserman, who is both a designer and project manager. Natalie has worked closely with her Fusion design team, Walter, Reilly, Patch and Nadine, to redesign four major display cases for the EES (Earth & Environmental Sciences) department in the STEPS building on Lehigh University's campus. STEPS is home to the environmental science and engineering departments, and the display cases showcase various exhibits related to environmental science.


During this project, the goal was to transform the four display cases into the four environmental spheres: biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. Their work consisted of constructing four clear, circular shaped terrariums that were filled with various eye-catching artifacts applicable to each sphere. The next step of the project was to install the monitors within each of the glass cases, which play a slideshow of visuals related to each sphere. This gathering of material was also made possible with the help of some EES graduate and undergraduate students!


This project, with its 3D nature, differs from the work we typically receive at Fusion. Although our projects are often more closely related to branding, advertising, and creating promotional materials, Natalie’s team was willing to take on the challenge. Be sure to stop by the main entrance of STEPS to check out the uniquely created hemispheres in the EES display cases. We’re so proud to have Natalie, Reilly, Walter, Patch, and Nadine on our Fusion team!