Seeing Things Differently

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fusion Studio’s most recent project was not a typical request; most Fusion clients come to their first meeting with colors palettes, design specifics, and various requirements. This project, a screen printed poster, came only with the instructions to create an artistic poster in the theme of international education. The posters were to be given out by Lehigh University representatives at an international education conference in Philadelphia. The intent of the poster was to be a giveaway that people would want to keep and ideally want to display in a room or office.


Trying to avoid a cliché globe or school supplies, the Fusion design team headed to the drawing board! The team keyed in on the phrase “see things differently” from the Lehigh Office of International Affairs concept “when you step outside your comfort zone, you see things differently, we think that is a good thing”. From there, our designers and project managers looked for inspiration that embodied this phrase and could incorporate international education. The end product was a graphic isometric design that could be viewed from multiple perspectives.


The design included famous architectural silhouettes from around the world paired with linear elements to emulate pages in a book. This design was refined by the designer, project manager, creative director, and advisor to produce the final poster design. Creative Director, Maria Vargas Aguilar served as the main designer on the poster. “I was inspired by the quote to “See things differently” and wanted to play with the idea of taking on a different perspective using the international approach and integrating that with education,” Vargas Aguilar said. Vargas Aguilar said she was was also inspired by MC Escher’s work, which uses optical illusions. “I wanted to challenge myself by doing something like that.” The poster will be given out at an international education conference on April 27, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.